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Merry Christmas!

Today we celebrate the birth of the Messiah.  God’s love coming down in the form of a baby.

This being Christmas Day, I have one last tradition to share. This is the one most fundamental of all the traditions in our family, one that never changes from year to year and follows our family groupings both smallpp-bible-5601437522_b21a5707cd_b and large. The tradition comes before exchanging presents or eating turkey or snacking on any of the delicious goodies laid out throughout the house; even before going out to play. On Christmas morning the entire family gathers together in the living room, the large family Bible that has been around for years is pulled out, and we read aloud the Christmas story from Luke 2. We talk about the account of the birth of the Saviour and then we share in a prayer of blessing over each member of the family. It is a special time for everyone.  Perhaps this is a tradition in your family as well. If not, perhaps it can become a new one.

I invite you to join with me as we take a walk through Luke 2:1-20.


Thank you for journeying with me these past weeks. May you be Blessed.

Merry Christmas!!!

For unto you is born this day

a Saviour who is Christ the Lord

Lk 2.11


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