Welcome to Christmastime.  This is to be a short daily blog counting down the days until Christmas, December 25, 2015.

As mentioned in my November 26 post, the plan is to dig down into some of the Christmas traditions that we participate in annually.  Over the next 24 days we will explore fun activities, recipes, photographs and music that make up our celebration of Christmas.

If there are certain traditions that you are curious about post a note in the Comments and we will see what we can uncover.

As an aside, an ADVENT calendar is traditionally used to countdown to Christmas and so we began to wonder what exactly does ADVENT mean and where in fact did the calendar originate  and why do we use it.  It is all quite interesting and we will post on that sometime during the next few weeks so stay tuned.

We are happy you can join us and hope you enjoy your time.

As one of my professors once said, “See you in the Comments.”

Merry Christmas.


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